Spot Check

Worried about a mole or blemish on your skin?

Worried to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors because of extreme exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays?

Now you don’t have to worry.

Call for an appointment with one of our doctors to get a spot check done at our Skin Only spot check clinic in Melbourne. If you have a spot, mole or blemish that seems to be:

  • Changing in colour, shape or size rapidly
  • Bleeding
  • New and recently discovered
  • Itching
  • Having an irregular shape

At our spot check clinic,

one of our GPs will individually examine each spot, up to 5 spots on your body, including moles, spots, blemishes or lumps. The examination will be carried out while you are sitting, standing or lying down, and maximum privacy is assured. Our panel of doctors consist of both male and female doctors; hence you can select someone you are most comfortable with for the examination at our spot check clinic in Melbourne.

The spot check is conducted using a Dermascope which uses a polarized light which helps us easily penetrate the top layer of skin, and allows our doctors to see features of the mole, spot, blemish or lump more clearly and visibly. The Dermascope magnifies your skin, so that the doctor is able to see irregularities and determine if it is potentially hazardous or not.

The spot check will take only 10 minutes of your time. This test is ideal for those who have specifically identified spots on their bodies which is causing them worry, and need to get them checked out by a professional.

What are the benefits of getting a spot check from an expert spot check clinic in Melbourne?

  • Early detection and treatment of precancerous conditions to prevent the development of skin cancer.
  • Detect skin cancer in its early stages when it is treatable and chances of a full recovery are high.

The pricing at our spot check clinic is transparent,

And there are absolutely no hidden costs. So you know what you will be paying even before the test has started.

Our highly skilled staff and friendly with additional qualifications in the treatment and diagnosis of skin cancer are especially trained to put your mind at ease, because we understand how stressful such a situation could be for you.

Call us today for an appointment with one of our doctors at our spot check clinic in Melbourne.