ABCDE of Melanoma

Doctors highly recommend that everyone learns the ABCDE of Melanoma, so that you will be able to detect changes on your skin, such as spots, blemishes or moles, that may be attributed to Melanoma, or skin cancer. Early detection through a skin check in Melbourne and other areas where the potential for skin cancer is high, is key when it comes to treatment, as that is when they are most treatable.

Irregular spots and blemishes may not necessarily mean skin cancer, however it is vital to know your basics so that you can identify changes on your skin, and with early detection and a proper skin cancer check in Melbourne through Skin Only, you can have absolute peace of mind.

The ABCDE of Melanoma:



One half of the spot or mole does not match with the other half.


Border irregularities

Edges are ragged, notched or blurred.



Colour variations from one area to another.



Usually Melanomas are 6 mm or above in diameter, but can also be smaller.



A mole or spot that looks different from the rest, or changes rapidly in colour, size or shape.

If you think you
have spots,

Blemishes or moles that look potentially harmful, it is best to get a skin cancer check through our doctors at Skin Only in Melbourne. Making an appointment with one of our doctors is as easy as ABC.

At Skin Only, we have simplified our range of tests, at affordable and very transparent pricing, from the simple and basic Spot Check, to the more advanced Skin Check.

You should consider getting a skin check through Skin Only, if you have spots or moles that:

  • Change colour, shape or size
  • Bleed
  • Have an irregular shape
  • Are itchy for a considerable amount of time
  • Are new

SO, You Want A Skin Check?

Take a look at the options on offer from our team of experienced GPs. With our Skin Only Clinic, you can put your mind at ease, and be assured of an accessible, efficient and quality service when you come in for your skin checks in Melbourne.

  • Spot Check
    •  Checks up to 5 spots or blemishes
    • Time Taken: 15 minutes
    • Equipment Used: Digital Dermascope
    • Price: _______
  • Skin Check
    • Checks between 5 and 50 spots or blemishes
    • Head to toe examination
    • Time Taken: 30 minutes
    • Equipment Used: Digital Dermascope
    • Special Features: “At Risk” spots will be imaged and documented
    • Price: _______

On the chance that our doctors do find that you need a procedure done, we have a very uncomplicated pricing system, depending on their recommendation, ranging from simple to complex procedures, carried out by our own in-house team of doctors.

Whatever your need, you can be assured of transparent pricing from us, with no hidden costs. Our prices are made visible to you long before you even decide on your test or procedure, because our focus is on YOU, and we want your experience at Skin Only to be as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

SO, want to get a skin cancer check in Melbourne?

Book an appointment with one of our doctors.

At Skin Only we help you live a carefree, long, and full life by helping you have healthy skin and a healthy, worry-free mind.