About Skin Only

Australia IS the Skin Cancer Capital of the world with skin cancers representing around 80% of all new cancers in Australia.

Don’t let anxiety about sun damage and skin cancer ruin the quality time you spend with loved ones this Summer.

We should have the peace of mind that comes from having accessible, available and easy access to skin cancer checks and treatment.

This has not been easy to achieve until now.

Access to skin cancer checks has often been time consuming and costly and previously we had to worry about that skin spot until our Specialist appointment rolled around. Then we have to deal with the bill shock for a Specialist visit!

It’s just plain wrong that we don’t know what we are facing in advance so that we can plan accordingly.

We understand these problems because we deal with skin cancer in our patients every day in General Practice.

Research showed us there was a better way!

We provide three easy solutions for your first visit based around how many moles you have and would like checked and the time and specialised equipment we need to get your skin check right the first time. We can also perform a biopsy (when needed) all at the first visit saving you time and the hassle of more Doctor visits.

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to improve Skin Cancer diagnosis and images are loaded int your https://www.molescope.com/ app so that you keep the images of your skin spots and any procedures performed for your peace of mind.

Research has even shown that technology assisted doctors are BETTER at diagnosis than the most experienced/expensive Specialists eg: https://www.alfredhealth.org.au/news/artificial-intelligence-valuable-in-skin-cancer-detection/

Once you have had your skin cancer check by our experienced Skin Cancer GPs Experts you can rest assured that you have taken the steps to reduce the chances of a skin cancer being present.

As you know if skin cancer is left unchecked it can be a recipe for larger scars in future and in the case of melanoma very serious consequences. The earlier we find it the easier it is to manage.

Often people aren’t sure if they should worry about an unusual mole or a skin spot that doesn’t go away and they may ask family or friends for suggestions. The truth is that diagnosis can be difficult even for experienced Doctors. That is why we add a layer of technology in the form of digital dermoscopy and DermEngine to improve our ability to diagnose skin cancers earlier and more precisely.

This can help inform our patients of their skin type and their risk for future skin cancers and appropriate advice on prevention meaning you can enjoy the Australian outdoors with more confidence.

About Skin Cancer

Part of the M3 Health Group, Skin Only is a skin cancer specialty clinic in the west Melbourne suburb of Spotswood.

To explain it simply, skin cancer is uncontrolled growth of skin cells. It can happen anywhere on your body but is more likely to appear in areas which are often exposed to the sun like your face, chest, back and arms.

There are two main types of moles: malignant and benign. Benign spots make up the majority of skin cancers and are viewed as less impactful than malignant spots. While all types of cancer can spread, malignant spots such as Melanomas can, unfortunately, make their way to your body’s vital organs.

The sooner a cancer is noticed, the better. When caught early, we have an increased chance of removing the cancer before it spreads. Even if you have had a spot for a few years, it is worth getting it checked out as benign moles can become malignant over time.

Australians are at high risk of skin cancer due to our outdoor lifestyles, the hot sun and the number of us who have Caucasian ancestry. While many spots and moles are harmless, your skin cancer GP specialist can take a careful look and give you better peace of mind.

Skin cancer checks are a vital part of preventative health care. Book yours at Skin Only in Spotswood today.

Dr Leon Toh

After graduating from Monash University in 2009, Dr Leon Toh completed his internship in Bendigo …