SO, you need
a skincheck?

We all have skin! Make sure you’re taking care of yours.

Australia’s beautiful sunny weather comes with the drawback of a heightened risk of skin cancer.

Skin cancers are just like any other form of cancer making early detection key.

Book an appointment at our Skin Only clinic today …….

Our specialists skin GP’s are on hand to assist you with all your skin care needs.

If you want to find out more about your individual skin type and how you can protect it? Have a look at our Skin Type guidelines.

SO, how at risk are you?

Almost every Australian is at risk of skin cancer due to our level of extreme UV exposure. However, you should consider booking an appointment if you are:
  • Someone who has a family or a personal history of skin cancer.
  • Over 65 years of age.
  • Someone who spends a lot of time outside for work or play.

These risk factors don’t mean you definitely have skin cancer but regular tests will ensure your skin is as healthy as possible.

SO, which one of our services is right for you?

Skin only takes care of you and your skin

We offer in-house skin cancer checks from experienced GP specialists to give you better peace of mind about your skin.

Depending on your concerns, we provide the following:


Spot Check

Let us take a close look at up to 5 moles that are bothering you.


Skin Check

We’ll perform a head to toe skin check, of between 5 to 50 spots.


Mole Map

We’ll perform a head to toe imagine using our mole mapping system.